The Schedule

OCTOBER 15 2023

 1:30 - Blackout  (Doors 1:00pm)

Horror directing (and lately acting) legend Larry Fessenden returns with his brand new werewolf film Blackout, a follow-up of sorts to his 2022 Frankenstein film Depraved; kind of a rural upstate alcohol & lycanthropy counterpoint to his cool gritty urban New York vampire and drugs film The Addiction (1995). Starring Alex Hurt (son of the late William Hurt -who appears, in a way, as the main character's father), the film is about a fine arts painter who is convinced that he is a werewolf wreaking havoc on a small American town under the full moon.

Sunday, October 15
Doors 1:00 pm | Movie 1:30 pm *Start time subject to change. Please arrive on time.

Blackout (2023, dir Larry Fessenden, BC premiere) Art, alcohol, a love story, mob and gory monster violence collide in Blackout, whose stinger hints at the connections between Fessenden’s modern monster series. (USA, 143m, Western North American Premiere).

Introduction: David Aboussafy

4:00pm - Where the Devil Roams & Dark Carnie Show

Dark Carnies! Tristan Risk and Burns the Dragon (Live!) & Where the Devil Roams (2023, dir Adams Family (Hellbender), BC Premiere)
The Badass 9 Dark Carnies show starts with live sideshow performances from Burns the Dragon and Tristan Risk (American Mary, The Editor, Ayla, Frankenstein Created Bikers, Amazon Hot Box, Odyssey of the Dead, Reptile House) returning to Vancouver for a rare live performance after several years in New Zealand!

Where the Devil Roams is a 1930s set body horror film that follows a family of carnies on a travelling murder spree. It’s Nightmare Alley meets Bonnie and Clyde by way of American Mary & Possessor.

Excellent practical effects bring the shocking gore, the family rock band brings the killer score, and the natural light camera work and effective shifts from colour to black and white helped make the film that deservedly won the award for Best Cinematography recently at Fantasia Fest 2023 (USA, 93m Western Canadian / US premiere).

7:00pm - Shorts, Awards & Sideshow Spectacular

Doors at 6:30 / Show Starts at 7:00


-Cat with Glasses (Dirk Verschure, Germany ) 3.54m

-Cranberry Juice (Rebecca Spiegel) 3:50

-Donut Time (Morning M. Wu, USA) 3:42

-Dude, Where is my Ship? (Kial Natale & Rob Hunt) 5:22

-Reincarnation of Puke Pixie (Cheree Lang) 4:05

-Order of the Black Eyes (Rob Hunt) 8:38

-Gnomes (Ruwan Heggelman, Holland) 5:49

-Second Hand Slaughter (Tate Diachuk) 12:28

-Lovely Mary (Ryan Jinn, Filip Zivanovic) 4:30

-Maceration (Clayton Holmes) 26:07

Running Time: 76minutes


Second Block of Shorts (part 1): Sexy & Scary (45 mins)

Costume Contest Break